IPF is an annual celebration of independent photography, its application and practice.

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Initiated by Hard Workers Club, Smalltime Projects and The Good Copy, and hosted by some of Melbourne’s best small galleries and project spaces, IPF presents a nine-day series of exhibitions by Australian photographers and international guests. Check out the whole 2014 program here.

In 2014, the Good Copy Shop festival hub will host our annual Photo Book & Zine Fair, the IPF Workshop and Slideshow day and the Australian premiere screening of Lofty Nathan's documentary 12 O’Clock Boys, presented by Deja-View Cinema. Meanwhile, Strange Neighbour gallery offers the perfect four walls for our IPF 2014 Photo Prize exhibition and festival launch party. New to the program this year is the IPF Zine Truck – our mobile shop and library that's all set up to display and sell photo books, zines and more at surprise locations throughout the festival.

While we’re eternally grateful to the internet for the platform it gives us to connect and collaborate, we feel that for too long our altogether analogue, manual and physical practice has been confined to blogs, Tumblrs and dedicated websites. IPF hopes to bring together the living, breathing artists who make up our inclusive but nowadays very screen-based discipline. The program introduces hard-working, autonomous and passionate photographers who are creating for the love of shooting and shooting for the love of creating.

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