Saturday 15 November

IPF Workshop with Minna Gilligan


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Melbourne artist Minna Gilligan uses photography as part of a practice she pieces together. Gilligan’s dreamy, kinda psychedelic collage work can be found on Rookie, Filmme Fatales, and more high falutin’ places besides. Though she’s primarily a painter and illustrator, Gilligan is a connector. For IPF, she presents a workshop that will help you look inside the frame, then play around inside it and make something new.

“Collage doesn't have to adhere to a set of rules. I want to encourage participants to think widely about the term 'collage' and use it in combination with other materials and techniques. It is a versatile way of making that can be manipulated to fully realise the artist's intention.

Those who participate in the workshop will be given the chance to leaf through some of my personal collage-cutting-out book collection and use images from them for their own artworks. Participants will leave with a collage based artwork made by them under the guidance of yours truly!”


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